I’m Not Feeling Entirely OK.

OK* Apply For Job *

* Submit Job Application *

* Upload Your CV *

This is what my life has become. Applying for this, applying for that and applying for whatever will take me. Why? Because I cannot do what I’m currently doing for much longer. The excruciating feeling of waking up every morning knowing that you’ve got to walk in there for another day, put your headset on, adjust your microphone and say for the first of many times during that nine-hour shift, “You’re through to Ciara in Waterford. How can I help you today?” in your most pleasant tone.

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Make Time For Yourself

TimeHello there everybody! I hope you are all well! It has come to that time of the week again – Friday! So, after my eight and a half hour shift in work, it will finally be the weekend. Thankfully, this week has gone extremely fast and from my last blog post of beginning “The Pursuit of Happiness”, we are succeeding in happiness thus far. Continue reading