Review: Salon Acrylic French Nails by Kiss

Hello everyone and welcome back to another review on The Ciara Chronicles! In today’s post, I will be reviewing the Salon Acrylic French Nails by Kiss stick-on nails, a product I received at the Deise Bloggers event back in August. As I go through phases of getting my nails done, doing my own nails, leaving bits of nail polish on my nails for weeks or not doing anything with my nails at all, it’s taken me a bit of time to get around to trying out these. Keep reading to see what I thought!

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Make Time For Yourself

TimeHello there everybody! I hope you are all well! It has come to that time of the week again – Friday! So, after my eight and a half hour shift in work, it will finally be the weekend. Thankfully, this week has gone extremely fast and from my last blog post of beginning “The Pursuit of Happiness”, we are succeeding in happiness thus far. Continue reading