The Lion’s Mane & Alfaparf Milano


Hair, hair, hair! For the last couple of years, my hair is all I think about. My friend once pointed out to me that when I get down in the dumps, I tend to change my hair. It’s my way of doing something to lift my mood and in the past, I’ve done quite dramatic things to my locks. I went through a phase one summer of dying my hair different colours almost every two to three weeks, then a couple of months later, I decided to chop it all off. Hair grows! But one of the reasons I decided to cut it all off was because it was in awful condition. I thought that I may as well start again since as I said, it grows.

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#DeiseBloggers “Mad Hatter Tea Party” In Aid Of Pieta House


If you’ve been following my Facebook page or my Snapchat, you may have seen that I attended the Deise Bloggers “Mad Hatter Tea Party” in aid of Pieta House on Sunday, August 7th in the Kazbar, Waterford. The event was the second blogger event that I have attended and it was absolutely amazing! It was great to see all of the bloggers from Waterford, learn a number of skincare, make-up and hair tips and of course, have a tea party! Unfortunately, I completely forgot to save my pictures from my Snapchat story but luckily, Blathnaid from Wildflower Diaries was on hand with her camera and took gorgeous photographs of the day. Keep reading to find out what went on during the event…

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Review: milk_shake Hair Products

MS S-horz.jpg

Hello everyone and welcome to another review on Tuesday! I’m probably going to have to come up with a better name for my Tuesday reviews but I’ll think of that later. Last week, I reviewed the Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade so if you haven’t checked that out, click here or if you have, keep reading to find out all about my new favourite hair products, milk_shake.

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Make Time For Yourself

TimeHello there everybody! I hope you are all well! It has come to that time of the week again – Friday! So, after my eight and a half hour shift in work, it will finally be the weekend. Thankfully, this week has gone extremely fast and from my last blog post of beginning “The Pursuit of Happiness”, we are succeeding in happiness thus far. Continue reading