The Disney Princess Tag

Untitled-2-Recovered-Recovered-RecoveredI decided that I really need to become more frequent with my blogging but am struggling to come up with things to blog out. That’s not really good for a blogger, is it? Anyway, after a browse around and a think, I decided to do a “tag” post every week, allowing you to find out a little bit more about me and things I like etc. I’ve seen Aoife from Pretty Purple Polka Dots do a couple recently and enjoyed reading her answers, so maybe you’ll enjoy reading mine. Who knows?

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The Liebster Award


Hi everyone! I’m back! So, if you’ve been following me on my Facebook page or on Snapchat, you’ll know why I haven’t been blogging over the last month. I’ll be explaining the details in my next post towards the end of this week, but for now I’m going to get on with what today’s blog is about.

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