My name is Ciara Kennedy and I’m a 23 year old, Waterford-based new blogger. There I am to your left! I guess I’ve got to tell you a little bit about myself and what The Ciara Chronicles will be about…

For years, I’ve wanted to start a blog but I could never come up with something interesting to blog about. I’m a make-up lover (which you could probably tell from the picture), a fully qualified Beauty and Sports Therapist and I love health and fitness (despite my current lifestyle). But unfortunately, over the last three or four years, my life has been taken over by mental health issues preventing me to live the life I expected to live when I was younger.

Once I got the courage to actually write an introductory piece to my blog, all the ideas rushed to my brain of what this blog will be about. The idea and motivation to blog came from mental health, knowing so many people deal with it on a daily basis but I will not only be blogging about that. I will be posting beauty product reviews, possible make-up tutorials (providing I get the confidence to) and hopefully be documenting my journey back to a healthier me (providing I get the motivation to).

This blog is not just a work in progress as a blog, but a work in progress for myself to become healthier in mind and body. It will be a journey, but fingers-crossed, a worthwhile journey!

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