The Lion’s Mane & Alfaparf Milano


Hair, hair, hair! For the last couple of years, my hair is all I think about. My friend once pointed out to me that when I get down in the dumps, I tend to change my hair. It’s my way of doing something to lift my mood and in the past, I’ve done quite dramatic things to my locks. I went through a phase one summer of dying my hair different colours almost every two to three weeks, then a couple of months later, I decided to chop it all off. Hair grows! But one of the reasons I decided to cut it all off was because it was in awful condition. I thought that I may as well start again since as I said, it grows.

Almost four years have passed since I took the plunge into the pixie cut, and I’ve finally reached the hair growing milestone of getting it just past my shoulders. I cannot tell you how hard, painful and time consuming it was to grow my hair from a pixie cut. You may think I’m being dramatic here and yes, I’ll admit that I may be exaggerating by saying “painful” but when you’ve got thick, curly, wild, frizzy locks like mine, you’ll know the struggle. It grew outwards instead of downwards for almost a year, but I’ve gotten this far now and that’s all that matters (even if I do look like a lion at times and want to chop it all off again).

Changing from dark brown to bright blonde is one of my favourite things to do, even if it’s my hairdresser’s least favourite thing to do. I don’t like being in between those colours! I get bored and like to chop and change (no pun intended) but it tends to leave my hair in poor condition. The dramatic change didn’t affect my hair so much when it was short but now that it’s longer, I notice how much it can take its toll on your locks. Parts of my hair are now not in the best of condition, whilst other parts have lost their vibrant colour and shine.

At the Deise Bloggers event, we were given two shampoos and two hair masks from Alfaparf Milano. The brand looked familiar as I was sure I had seen some of their professional products in salons over the years, so I was excited to try them out. I wouldn’t be the best person for taking good care of my hair, but if these products were going to give shine, nourishment and a colour boost, I had a feeling my hair care would improve.


The first of the shampoos and masks are from the Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Diamond range which is for normal hair. This range is designed to keep your hair in tip-top condition with extraordinary shine. It guarantees unique shine that lasts over time and an incredible lightness, for a result that you will never want to live without. Within the Diamond range, there’s Vitamins A, E and F which give the hair fibre new energy. These vitamins fight the formation of free radicals.


The second of the shampoos and masks are from the Alfaparf Milano Precious Nature with Almond & Pistachio range which is for coloured hair. This range is the ultimate regimen to maximise colour protection for prolonged vibrancy and colour duration. It’s produced with 100% natural ingredients including Almond Oil and Pistachio Essence. The almond oil is rich in emollients, nourishes and conditions the hair fibre. The pistachio essence helps to prolong the intensity and shine of colour reflections.


I generally wash my hair two to three times per week, depending on my weekly activities. As I’m blonde, it was recommended in a salon to use a purple shampoo from a professional range but I do find that it dries out my hair a little. Because of this, I usually only use it once a week (plus the last time I was blonde, I used it too frequently and my hair turned light blue. I didn’t mind!) so I tend to use one of the masks on the day that I’m washing my hair with the purple shampoo.

I’ve really noticed that my hair is a lot more shiny and vibrant after using the Alfaparf Milano products over the last month. Unfortunately, the ends of my hair are still dry and frazzled at times but I knew that wasn’t going to be resolved in a short space of times. Where my hair is at its blondest, I really notice the vibrancy and shine so I’m very impressed with the products that we received. Thank you Alfaparf Milano!

Thanks for reading today’s post, and keep an eye out for my next one where I will be reviewing the Sleek Dancing Til Dusk Palette and the Art Deco Most Wanted Warm Palette. 

Until next time…


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