Review: #DeiseBloggers Skincare Products

xkincarHi everyone! As you know, I’ve not been feeling myself over the last few weeks and because of feeling that way, I’ve not been up to blogging at all really. After writing my last post I have been feeling a good bit better, even if everything isn’t 100% or resolved, but I feel like I can write again. I’ve got loads of blogs to write and publish over the next few weeks, mostly reviews of the products from the goody bags we received at the Deise Bloggers event last month and I’m going to start with my skincare one today.

Since the event, I have stuck to the same facial routine every week. By sticking to the same few products and not chopping and changing them every day, I would really be able to see the results they were having on my skin. The skin regenerates every 30 days and given that it’s almost been 30 days since the event, I feel like I can give an honest review of each of the products. All products received were pretty much for all skin types because of course, not everybody has the same skin type and it would’ve been quite the challenge to get suitable products for everybody individually.

The products I’m reviewing today are the Declare Cleansing Powder, the Ultra-Pure Laboratories Witch Hazel Soothing Lotion, the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, the Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque, and the Tomitago Beauty Elixir. Let’s see how I’ve been getting on with them…


Declare Cleansing Powder


Product Description:
The special face cleansing for sensitive skin. Soap-free and pH neutral. When mixed with a small amount of water, the mild powder transforms into a delicate foam, which removes make-up, dead skin cells and impurities gently and thoroughly.

What I Thought:
I had seen other bloggers use this product but I was slightly apprehensive about purchasing it due to the powder formula. Now that I’ve tried and tested it, I absolutely love it and use it twice a day. It’s the type of product which thoroughly cleanses your skin, leaving it feeling super fresh without any residue. My skin almost feels suppler anytime I use it. Due it being specifically designed for sensitive skin which I would be slightly prone to in places, I found that I did not have any reaction to it.

Ultra-Pure Laboratories Witch Hazel Soothing Lotion


Product Description:
Witch Hazel is an astringent produced from the leaves and bark of the Witch Hazel shrub. This plant extract was widely used for medicinal purpose by native Americans and today is a component in many commercial skincare products, particularly skin toners.

What I Thought:
I chose to use this product as my toner because it’s suitable for oily, problem or irritated skin which I would be most likely prone to. I would apply this straight after cleansing my skin daily and again it leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. I was a bit worried about it being a little harsh for my skin but because of its soothing properties, I had no reaction to it. Applying it with a cotton pad is great because it also removes any product which may have been missed in the cleansing stage.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant


Product Description:
Gentle, rice-based exfoliating powder activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colours.

What I Thought:
Despite the product description saying it’s a daily exfoliator, personally, I do not like to exfoliate every day therefore, I only use this product a maximum of three times per week. In saying that, I love, love, love this product! Another powder formula which turns into a paste when mixed with water, with the gentlest exfoliating properties. Because it’s not grainy, exfoliating feels more relaxing and less like you’re about to tear your skin off. It really does leave your skin super smooth and bright!

Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque


Product Description:
Fast-acting, easy-to-remove masque rescues tired, lacklustre or dull skin. Activated Binchotan Charcoal powerfully absorbs impurities while Sulphur promotes cell turnover for dramatically brighter skin.

What I Thought:
Make sure that nobody sees you when you’re wearing this masque, otherwise you may scare them away. As it’s a charcoal masque, your face is more or less black after application and then tightens up. I apply this masque once a week, leaving it on for 7 to 10 minutes as recommended by the product guidelines. Like the microfoliant, it leaves your skin smoother and brighter but as I’ve got predominately oily skin, I noticed that it aided in the reduction of blackheads and oiliness. Another love!

Tomitago Beauty Elixir


Product Description:
A unisex product and 100% chemical free. It eliminates the need for separate eye serum, face serum, eye cream, day cream, night cream and primer. One product does it all!

What I Thought:
I mentioned in my post about the event how excited I was to try this product because it does it all! This product comes in solid form then turns into liquid when warmed up with hands. I use this twice daily, which leaves my skin feeling super nourished. Although I’m open to trying all kinds of products, natural, chemical free skincare are my favourite kind. Unfortunately, the product is quite pungent which I’m not too fond of, but I really love the way it feeds my skin with all the right nutrients and the results I get from it.

You can probably tell that I’m pretty happy with the facial routine I’ve been doing over the last few weeks. My skin is so much smoother and brighter, and I’m having less breakouts due to the reduction in oil.

The standout products for me would have to be the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and the Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque. When studying Beauty Therapy, a lot of students train with Dermalogica. Unfortunately, where I studied we did not train in that product range and I never got around to giving them a go. I’m so happy I got the opportunity to try these products because I’ll definitely be investing them when I run out.


I’ll be changing my skincare routine again soon to give the other products I’ve been given a test run, so keep an eye out for a review on those in a couple of weeks. Over the next few weeks, I will have product reviews on some make-up, hair products and a teatox, so stay tuned for those also.

Thank you for reading this lengthy review and I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Until next time…


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